Endurance Fireblade DarkAlchemy
Endurance Fireblade Dark Alchemy
TapLife Intensify Invigorate
Tap Life Intensify Invigorate

Overview Edit

Spells are used to help your Heroine advance more quickly through the game. Each time you get a Rune on your sword to level 5 for the first time each Generation, you unlock its corresponding spell. Click on each spell above to learn more about each.

Lore Edit


Once the Rune’s power has sufficiently increased, the Rune imbues the War Mage with a flash of pure knowledge, or a Spell. Spells can be used individually or together with the Runic effects. Since Spells are powered by the caster’s own Essence of Life, a period of rest is required between uses.

Strategy Edit

Try to combine spells to unlock their hidden potentials. Also, if you're an active user, use the Nanzuum Mana Cube to allow you to use these game changers more frequently.

Relative Cooldown Time Edit

This graph shows the relative cooldown time for all spells.