Overview Edit

This page is to allow user's to post recommended builds for others to view and comment on. If you disagree with a build someone recommends, please discuss it in the page chat and discuss how you would change it. Also feel free to add your own recommended builds.

GameShaman's Recommended Builds Edit

First 4 Crystals Edit,a0:0-0,a1:0-0,a2:0-1,a3:0-1,a4:0-0,a5:0-0,a6:0-0,a7:0-0,a8:0-0,a9:0-0,a10:0-0,a11:0-0,a12:0-0,a13:0-0,a14:0-0,a15:0-0,a16:0-0,a17:0-0,a18:0-0,a19:0-0,a20:0-0,a21:0-0,a22:0-0;

I really feel getting Samadun Rune Stone and Headband of Perception to level 1 is the best first move. An argument could be made to go TAP or to do 2 levels into Samadun, but this is my preferred move.

First 100 Crystals Edit,a0:0-0,a1:0-0,a2:0-9,a3:0-9,a4:0-0,a5:0-0,a6:0-0,a7:0-1,a8:0-0,a9:0-0,a10:0-0,a11:0-0,a12:0-0,a13:0-0,a14:0-0,a15:0-0,a16:0-0,a17:0-0,a18:0-0,a19:0-0,a20:0-0,a21:0-0,a22:0-0;

I feel continuing to upgrade Samadun (9) and Headband (9) are the way to go. Maybe consider picking up Thegian Pendant of Stealth (1) to start reducing the number of enemies you're facing.

First 1,000 Crystals Edit,a0:0-0,a1:0-0,a2:0-20,a3:0-20,a4:0-0,a5:0-10,a6:0-0,a7:0-5,a8:0-9,a9:0-0,a10:0-0,a11:0-0,a12:0-0,a13:0-0,a14:0-0,a15:0-0,a16:0-20,a17:0-0,a18:0-0,a19:0-0,a20:0-0,a21:0-0,a22:0-0;

I like to keep putting some upgrades into Samadun (20) and Headband (20). But we also need to max Thegian (5) to cut our enemies in half and pick up a couple other core items like Arai Talisman (9) to increase our MG encounters, Nanzuum Mana Cube (10) so we can use our spells more often and course Rune Booster Charm: Rozh Gemstone (20) to reduce the cost of boosting Rozh during our runs.

First 5,000 Crystals Edit,a0:0-0,a1:0-0,a2:0-42,a3:0-41,a4:0-0,a5:0-10,a6:0-0,a7:0-5,a8:0-25,a9:0-0,a10:0-20,a11:0-0,a12:0-0,a13:0-0,a14:0-0,a15:0-0,a16:0-40,a17:0-0,a18:0-0,a19:0-0,a20:0-0,a21:0-0,a22:0-0;

You're probably noticing a theme here. Keep upgrading Samadun (42) and Headband (41), but we also want to max our Arai Talisman (25) and Rozh Booster (40) as quickly as we can. The next Artefact we should pick up along this way and start upgrading is the Mana Shard (20). The more this is upgraded, the more Crystals we make each run. It really pays off when you start to make deeper and deeper runs.

First 10,000 Crystals Edit,a0:0-0,a1:0-0,a2:0-52,a3:0-51,a4:0-0,a5:0-10,a6:0-0,a7:0-5,a8:0-25,a9:0-0,a10:0-39,a11:0-0,a12:0-0,a13:0-0,a14:0-0,a15:0-0,a16:0-40,a17:0-0,a18:0-0,a19:0-0,a20:0-20,a21:0-0,a22:0-0;

For the next 5000 Crystals, continue to upgrade Samadun (52), Headband (51) and Mana Shard (39). This is also a good time to start picking up the Mithrode Jewel (20) so your damage can grow as your run goes longer.

First 20,000 Crystals Edit,a0:0-0,a1:0-0,a2:0-73,a3:0-72,a4:0-0,a5:0-10,a6:0-0,a7:0-5,a8:0-25,a9:0-0,a10:0-45,a11:0-0,a12:0-30,a13:0-0,a14:0-0,a15:0-0,a16:0-40,a17:0-0,a18:0-0,a19:0-0,a20:0-40,a21:0-0,a22:0-0;

Your next 10,000 Crystals should continue to go into Samadun (73), Headband (72), Mana Shard (45) and Mithrode (40). You may want to pick up Spell Booster Charm: Tap Life (30) here so you can stack Intensity to help you move deeper each run. It will be tempting to start picking up other Artefacts, but you really need to grow these before investing too much into the more expensive Artefacts, in my opinion.

First 50,000 Crystals Edit,a0:0-0,a1:0-0,a2:0-130,a3:0-125,a4:0-0,a5:0-10,a6:0-40,a7:0-5,a8:0-25,a9:0-0,a10:0-70,a11:0-0,a12:0-30,a13:0-0,a14:0-0,a15:0-0,a16:0-40,a17:0-0,a18:0-0,a19:0-0,a20:0-50,a21:0-0,a22:0-0;

For the next 30,000 Crystals, keep pumping them into Samadun (130), Headband (125), Mana Shard(70) and Mithrode (50). You'll want to pick up Nocri Orb of Teleportation (40) and start working on it, but don't dump too many Crystals into it. You want to get it to 99, but you need to keep investing in the Artefacts that will get you Crystals faster.

First 100,000 Crystals Edit,a0:0-0,a1:0-0,a2:0-201,a3:0-201,a4:0-0,a5:0-10,a6:0-60,a7:0-5,a8:0-25,a9:0-0,a10:0-90,a11:0-0,a12:0-30,a13:0-0,a14:0-0,a15:0-0,a16:0-40,a17:0-0,a18:0-0,a19:0-0,a20:0-60,a21:0-0,a22:0-0;

For your next 50,000 Crystals, you don't want to pick up anything new. Just keep working on Samadun (201), Headband (201), Mana Shard (90), Mithrode (60) and Nocri (60).

First 200,000 Crystals Edit,a0:0-0,a1:0-0,a2:0-251,a3:0-250,a4:0-0,a5:0-10,a6:0-99,a7:0-5,a8:0-25,a9:0-0,a10:0-110,a11:0-0,a12:0-30,a13:0-0,a14:0-0,a15:0-0,a16:0-40,a17:0-50,a18:0-0,a19:0-0,a20:0-85,a21:0-0,a22:0-0;

For the next 100,000 Crystals, keep pumping Samadun (251), Headband (250), and a little bit into Mana Shard (110). In the mid/late part of this time you should complete Nocri to 99, which allows instant retires and removes the 5 hour time line from Umbaorian Amulet. Once you hit Nocri 99, then purchase the Umbaorian. You have 2 routes here, the first is to get only a few levels of Umbaorian and retire a whole bunch of times to max it out at 10,000. This will give you an instant jump in damage and you will start flying through your generations. Or, as I did and prefer, you can upgrade Umbaorian to 50-100 (I stopped at 65) and let it naturally build over time from each generation. My main reason for doing this was to keep my generation count in my statistics as a reflection of the true number of generations I've done.

Beyond 200,000 Crystals Edit

You'll want to continue to grow Samadun, Headband, Mana Shard and Mithrode. Once you get these at a decent level and you feel your progress is starting to slow, you'll want to pick up Ring of Engagement and Ring of Odagh to start utilizing the hybrid mechanic of Intensified Endurance, followed by allowing your Mithrode to stack. Once you have these at fairly high levels, you can then start to invest in Fury Goader, but this takes 247k Crystals to max, not including purchase price, as well as Death Hex, which takes 106k Crystals to max, not including purchase price.

Stay away from the other Artefacts, as they provide little value for the high cost of a new Artefact once you have a large amount. You may want to consider Mauhak Battle Focus once you're making regular runs to 1000+, but hold off until then IMO.

Good luck!