Overview Edit

The Nanzuum Mana Cube reduces the cooldown time of your spells. At its maximum level of 10 it reduces your spell cooldowns by half.

Lore Edit

Apparently it's used to soothe some mystical mental faculties men don't even possess. So... special price, just for you!

Strategy Edit

If you find yourself logging in one or twice a day, or less frequently, and your spells are already ready to go, this isn't the Artefact for you. If you find you're logging in every hour or 2 and your spells can't come off cooldown fast enough, get this one fairly early. While you should be concentrating on Headband of Perception and your TAP or DPS damage Artefact, get this one fairly early as well if you're an active player. It's fairly cheap to max (54 Crystals) compared to the rest of the Artefacts and having your spells come up twice as fast is awesome for active players.

The Mana Cube will lose its effectiveness as you make deeper and deeper runs, but the 54 Crystal investment will seem like nothing once you're there, so don't sweat it.

Formulas Edit

Spell Cooldown % = level * -5%

Level Cost = level

Artefact Levels Edit

Artefact Level Spell Cooldown % Cost (in Crystals) Cumulative Cost
1 -5% N/A N/A
2 -10% 2 2
3 -15% 3 5
4 -20% 4 9
5 -25% 5 14
6 -30% 6 20
7 -35% 7 27
8 -40% 8 35
9 -45% 9 44
10 -50% 10 54