Overview Edit

The Fortune Teller is where you go to receive and spend Blood Opals. Every day the Fortune Teller will give you a free 5 Blood Opals, or you can purchase more in the Magic Shop using Diamonds.

Each day you start with 3 cards you can purchase for 1 Blood Opal each. Whenever you purchase a card, it is replaced with a more expensive card. The progression for costs of cards goes 1, 5, 10, 25, 50. Once you hit 50, the cards will continue to be replaced by cards that cost 50. The more expensive the card, the greater chance you have of getting a higher quality card.

Cards can be used to create mini events for your Heroine to increase your damage, gold or crystals by the % that is on the card(s) that you use. You can use multiple types of cards per event and they stack additively. Damage and Gold cap at a 10,000% increase per event. Crystals cap at a 300% increase per event.

Lore Edit

Fortune teller is an established misnomer for a class of Centacius clairvoyants. Instead of merely learning and disclosing possible future events, the Centacius creed claims to possess an ability to alter the future in the customers' favor. This is apparently made possible through the magical qualities of the so called Blood Opals, gemstones used in the card reading ritual.

Cards Edit

Fortune Card L DPS A@2x Fortune Card L Gold A@2x Fortune Card L Crystals A@2x
TAP/DPS - 10% Gold - 10% Crystals - 2%
Fortune Card L DPS B@2x Fortune Card L Gold B@2x Fortune Card L Crystals B@2x
TAP/DPS - 30% Gold - 30% Crystals - 4%
Fortune Card L DPS C@2x Fortune Card L Gold B@2x Fortune Card L Crystals C@2x
TAP/DPS - 50% Gold - 50% Crystals - 8%
Fortune Card L DPS D@2x Fortune Card L Gold D@2x Fortune Card L Crystals D@2x
TAP/DPS - 100% Gold - 100% Crystals - 15%
Fortune Card L DPS E@2x Fortune Card L Gold E@2x Fortune Card L Crystals E@2x
TAP/DPS - 500% Gold - 500% Crystals - 30%

Strategy Edit

  • Save up your cards and try to time their use with the weekly weekend events from Everywear. Increasing your Crystal % during a double Guardian weekend can be very lucrative!