AraiTalisman-Blue CursedDiviningRod-Blue DeathHex-Blue EtraxxanWristband-Blue
Arai Talisman Cursed Divining Rod Death Hex Etraxxan Wristband
FoucsOfElevation-Blue FuryGoader-Blue HeadbandOfPerception-Blue LoanAgreement-Blue
Focus of Elevation Fury Goader Headband of Perception Loan Agreement
ManaShard-Blue MauhakBattleFocus-Blue MithrodeJewel-Blue NanzuumManaCube-Blue
Mana Shard Mauhak Battle Focus Mithrode Jewel Nanzuum Mana Cube
NocriOrbOfTeleportation-Blue RingofEngagement-Blue RingOfOdagh-Blue RuneBoosterCharmRozhGemstone-Blue
Nocri Orb of Teleportation Ring of Engagement Ring of Odagh Rune Booster Charm: Rozh Gemstone
SamadunRunicStone-Blue SpellBoosterCharmDarkAlchemy-Blue SpellBoosterCharmFireblade-Blue SpellBoosterCharmInvigorate-Blue
Samadun Rune Stone Spell Booster Charm: Dark Alchemy Spell Booster Charm: Fireblade Spell Booster Charm: Invigorate
SpellBoosterCharmTapLife-Blue ThegianPendantOfStealth-Blue UmbaorianAmulet-Blue WarriorsPeriapt-Blue
Spell Booster Charm: Tap Life Thegian Pendant of Stealth Umbaorian Amulet Warrior's Periapt

Overview Edit

Artefacts are found in the Black Market of the Runeblade iPhone application. They are items that help your Heroine advance more quickly through generations. Artefacts are purchased with Crystals, with each Artefact you purchase costing additional Crystals, so make sure to buy the ones you really want early on. Artefacts can also be upgraded with Crystals to enhance their power.

Note: You can only use Crystals you have Retired with to purchase and upgrade Artefacts.

Lore Edit


As the Arai withdrew, power magical items were left behind. People have been hoarding and trading these Artefacts without understanding their full potential, yet in the hands of the Chosen they can be used for the benefit of all mankind.

Selling Artefacts Edit

If you feel that you are no longer benefiting from an Artefact and want to regain some of your Crystals, you can sell an Artefact back to the Black Market for 75% of the Crystals you used to upgrade it, plus 75% of the last Artefact you purchased.

Example: You buy the Mana Cube as your first Artefact for 1 Crystal and upgrade it to level 9 for a total of 44 Crystals. Over time you purchase 4 other Artefacts, with the last one costing 16 Crystals to buy and your next Artefact costing 35 Crystals. If you sell the Mana Cube now, you will receive 75% of the 44 you spent on upgrades and 75% of the last 16 Crystals you spent on the last Artefact you bought. So you will receive 33 + 12 = 45 Crystals and your next Artefact will now only cost 16 Crystals again.

Strategy Edit

Before buying Artefacts, become familiar with all of the Artefact abilities and decide which ones you want to invest in for early generations, mid generations and late generations. Each Artefact you buy costs progressively more (see chart below), so don't just buy all of them early.

Artefact Cost Progression Edit

Artefact Purchased Cost of Artefact
1st Artefact 1 Crystal
2nd Artefact 2 Crystals
3rd Artefact 4 Crystals
4th Artefact 8 Crystals
5th Artefact 16 Crystals
6th Artefact 35 Crystals
7th Artefact 70 Crystals
8th Artefact 125 Crystals
9th Artefact 250 Crystals
10th Artefact 500 Crystals
11th Artefact 1,000 Crystals
12th Artefact 2,000 Crystals
13th Artefact 4,000 Crystals
14th Artefact 8,000 Crystals
15th Artefact 16,000 Crystals
16th Artefact 32,000 Crystals
17th Artefact 64,000 Crystals
18th Artefact 128,000 Crystals
19th Artefact 256,000 Crystals
20th Artefact 512,000 Crystals
21st Artefact 650,000 Crystals
22nd Artefact 800,000 Crystals
23rd Artefact 1,000,000 Crystals
24th Artefact 1,000,000 Crystals